Fans of traditional American music who appreciate aces fiddling, boffo banjo work, and harmonies as sweet as sugar can't go wrong with the Raisin Pickers latest CD. ” - The Ann Arbor News


It’s the 28th anniversary of the founding of The Raisin Pickers, the Manchester-based string band that's cultivated a loyal following in with its deft mix of rustic Appalachian music, old-time swing, Cajun, bluegrass, and lately other swamp driven sounds. 


Carol Wells Palms (bass, fiddle, vocals) a classically trained bass player who captures the heart of traditional music without letting go of high musical standards. Mark Palms (banjo, guitar, accordion vocals) a self-taught musician who chases the heritage of traditional music by studying banjo knee-to-knee with old-time legends and gathering up field recordings from Louisiana to West Africa. David Mosher (mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals), one of southeast Michigan's most in-demand sidemen who carries a half-dozen instruments and follows his sense of aural aesthetics where they lead, be it writing songs, producing recordings or finding a bird in the woods by its call. Billy King (electric guitar) his versatility as a multi-genre singer-songwriter is matched by his ability on a wide range of instruments. As an engaging performer Billy delivers a high-energy sound with lightness, dynamics, and sincerity.

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